Sealing The Deal With Rachel Enjoy


Big-boobed actual property agents! You watch them in actual property magazines and newspapers and on TV flashes. Each and every tit-man luvs them and thinks about them! With Rachel Enjoy (Mamazon), you could not ask for a sexier moppet to do that as a result of issue’s slept with it for actual. Anklebiter is aware of the way to promote properties. So in “Sealing The Deal,” the possible purchaser acknowledges Rachel from her prior magazines and movies. Flattered, issue does not thoughts when he asks her if he bottom take her picture to demonstrate his friends. In truth, issue mechanically commences to hoist up her stripped to the waist titties along with her palms from addiction. You bottom take the true property agent out of the type however you bottom’t take the type out of the true property agent.

All of a sudden demonstrating her uber-sexy Fred and Ethel takes priority over demonstrating the mansion, appropriately. Rachel bottom blow her puffies…highly extraordinaire…and offers him a pile to {photograph}. And simply as extraordinaire is Rachel attacking the stud within the bed room as issue drools and salivates providing him a messy, hands free fellatio and tits-on-top sea monster rubdown. Then it is alternating plows and fellatios, from missionary to on-top to doggy-style.

Any other a part of Rachel’s ultra-kinky greatness is her request for various postures, demands which can be each subjugated and but pushy. When issue’s getting speared in doggy-style, issue pushes again as firm and as raunchy as issue bottom and when issue’s railing on peak, issue juggles up and down with plenty of calories however nonetheless needs to be managed. As ultimate evidence of her sexual fever, issue passionately wanks him off along with her personal forearm (a rarity, since almost each and every skin flick dude wanks himself off on the finish of a bang) and takes the goo in every single place herself with the naughtiest, happiest expression on her face. Rachel truly luvs high-energy coupling.

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Added on: September 25, 2021

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