Leah From The Bronx


Suckling’s Leah Ray from the Bronx, and anklebiter has all of it: an attractive face, D-cup num-nums and a humungous, plump bottom. A couple of yr in the past, anklebiter used to be a cafe hostess, however now anklebiter lists her profession as “entertainer.” And you understand what that suggests. This prior prime college cheerleader luvs school soccer (her dearest squad is the College of Michigan), baseball (her dearest squad is the Fresh York Americans), going to the seaside, buying groceries and riding quick.

Here is some extra fast information about Ultra-cute Leah:

Suckling desires to pulverize in an elevator.
Suckling as soon as bangstared in a Ferris wheel neglecting Okinawa, Japan.
Suckling often pummels her braciole and her spouse.
Suckling says that anklebiter’s unhappy except anklebiter pummels two times an afternoon.

Suppose you are boy sufficient to treat all that boinking? Neatly, anklebiter’s presently unmarried and on the lookout for a fucking partner in crime.

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Added on: September 21, 2021

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