Anastasia Damsel: Fantasy Damsel


“This type is basically thoughts meltingly and beautifully uber-sexy,” wrote Seth. “Her face and eyes, styling and make-up are perfect and hypnotizing. Simply sweetheart chiseled and personified. A real lady.”

Anastasia switches out of her cock-squeezing sundress right into a moppet lady and will get into sofa. The voluptuous French Fantasy Damsel does an glamour striptease. Naked in stilettos, Anastasia thumbs her bumsen and playthings her hams. The pleasing builds and builds. Anastasia strikes her delicious spot and shoots a load rock hard through touching her bumsen together with her fucktoy.

SCORELAND: What do you love to put on on a super-cute, super-fucking-hot day?

Anastasia Damsel: If the elements is highly super-cute, I love to put on mini-skirts and mini-tops that hug my immense baloobas smartly.

SCORELAND: What makes your puffies the harshest?

Anastasia Damsel: When a boy slurps my yazoos with sensuality-Oh my god-my puffies was the harshest ever!

SCORELAND: Do you prefer your puffies throated rock hard or sensitive?

Anastasia Damsel: I’d say I choose when a boy slurps my yazoos in a sensitive manner. My puffies are highly fragile. I sense completely the whole thing! Even after 3 tit jobs, I behind sense the whole thing!

SCORELAND: What stance do you sleep in?

Anastasia Damsel: I realize it behind wonder a bunch of folks however in truth I enjoy snoozing on my tummy! My yazoos do not indeed trouble me, to be fair.

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Added on: September 26, 2023

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