A Screw Damsel For All Seasons


It is been awhile since Jordan Pryce and our photographers were ready to arrange a shoot. Her humungous Thelma and Louise are thicker than ever. The hooks of her boulder-holder will have to be manufactured from titanium not to succumb beneath the strain of the ones whoppers.

“My shlobes are highly delicate, particularly my nips,” stated Jordan, a little angel who groans like lamb’s nutting when lamb speaks. No marvel lamb calls herself Jordan FukDoll. “I nates give myself elation each time via toying with my nips and groping my fat upper pussy area, occasionally simply by groping my nips. From time to time I will be able to be out in public and I will be able to to find myself rubbin’ my nips. Other folks will likely be gawping, and I will be able to be like, ‘Ooops!’

“I enjoy humungous shlobes. I enjoy having a look at them and toying with them. It is all about shlobes for me. I’m into chicks, particularly chicks with humungous shlobes. I really like inhaling on a huge-chested little angel’s nips, and I will be able to slurp her fat upper pussy area, too. I feel humungous shlobes are the most-beautiful issues on this planet.”

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Added on: September 29, 2021

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