A Newborn & Her Boulder-holders


Elle Flynn was once a huge-chested bartender. Consider that. Consider Elle in a lil’ Tee-shirt, her puffy nips tightening in opposition to the sheer cloth. That may not be essential. Elle is already dressed in a lil’ Tee-shirt and cock-squeezing boy-shorts when this showcase embarks.

Elle attempts on a diversity of super-sexy hooter-slings of all sizes. Her 36DDD Mahatmas (44-inches, as measured via our dressing apartment stylist) have an fine form. “I all the time get gazed at,” says Elle. “Boys. Ladies. They enjoy my heisenbergs. It makes me perceive super-sexy.”

Elle says her off the hook skill is “Trivialities. I am lovely supreme at minutiae. I plan to be on Jeopardy at some point.” Elle has a lot more within the off the hook abilities division than minutiae.

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Added on: October 9, 2023

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