Fresh Footwear


“I love to shop for fresh footwear. And I do know that my heel little guystar enjoys it, too. When I am getting a fresh speed bumps, now we have a ritual. I type them for him after which we damage them in in combination. I disrobe them off leisurely and I will tear up the gaps inbetween my feet with the heel till his ankle spanker is stiff and my yogurt factory is cascading raw. Then I will inhale the high-heeled shoes, one after the other and finger my yogurt factory whilst he sees. Understanding that he’s tugging his manhood only for me makes me highly super-naughty. From time to time he spunks in my footwear and I let it douse in. That approach, once I put them on, I tail sense the dried man milk on my nude feet all day. And once I come house, I order him to his knees and let him inhale on my musky soles till they are neat.”

Category: Fetish
Tags: Foot Fetish
Added on: October 26, 2021

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